Dr. Jay Carter

Hello readers!

Working on a dream, working on a blog. Here it is for today.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Jay Carter speak on bipolar disorder. He was not only informative, but interesting and funny. Both is daughter and mother have/had bipolar and he is a psychologist so I appreciated his perspective. He had stories and was not coming at it from just a clinical angle. I thought I was going to have to bite my tongue and sit on my hands but he was excellent and I learned a lot about my illness from a technical and not so technical point-of-view.

He has written several books. Some are self published under what appears to be his publishing company (I could be wrong…forgive me if I am wrong): Unicorn Press. McGraw Hill has published 4 of his books that have been translated into 7 languages and sold 200,000 copies.

The exciting news is he said he would consider writing a forward for my book. I am emailing him my manuscript and we will see…. Wish me luck!

I hope Dr. Jay keeps writing. He also told me to put my book up on http://www.lulu.com He said he has a few up there. It’s good for feedback and people can buy it easier than sometimes a bookstore (and for those of us without a book in print…well that is of course an attractive and practical option!)

Hope you’re getting ready for the holidays, enjoying the season and not going crazy yourselves!

Toodles ! : ) Wendy


Hello !!!

Hello everyone ! Thanks for stopping by. This is my blog for my book:

I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar

I’m done (well done with my fourth…or is it fifth???) draft for now but getting ready to work on it yet again before I start submitting. Stay tuned. I’m anxious to search for an agent but as they say: ” we make no wine before it’s time.” Didn’t some vineyard say that? Anyways…

The first weekend in December, Heather Lennon and I (from Locust Point Publishing) trekked into the city for the 21st Annual Indie & Small Press Book Fair. We had worked together on my manuscript – she’s an amazing editor with great vision especially for new writers like myself. We met up with another new writer on the scene, Kim Sillen Gledhill who is also in the refining manuscript stage and looking for representation.

It was my first look into the book industry outside of the few people I know in it. Although I didn’t get to meet with any acquisition editors as I had hoped, I did sent manuscript samples back with a few interns. We shall see.

An amazing speaker and author, David Henry Sterry who wrote the book Master of Ceremonies and Chicken (which Showtime is currently adapting into a series) spoke and was very entertaining. He will be giving me a consult but I am waiting until I am happier with my manuscript and until I get to read his book. I cannot wait but I must because I have to finish tweaking mine first. I am excited to meet him one on one and get his perspective and constructive criticism. He is also a talent scout so maybe he would know an agent….. In any case it’s giving me a bit of a deadline to get myself in gear.