Dr. Jay Carter

Hello readers!

Working on a dream, working on a blog. Here it is for today.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Jay Carter speak on bipolar disorder. He was not only informative, but interesting and funny. Both is daughter and mother have/had bipolar and he is a psychologist so I appreciated his perspective. He had stories and was not coming at it from just a clinical angle. I thought I was going to have to bite my tongue and sit on my hands but he was excellent and I learned a lot about my illness from a technical and not so technical point-of-view.

He has written several books. Some are self published under what appears to be his publishing company (I could be wrong…forgive me if I am wrong): Unicorn Press. McGraw Hill has published 4 of his books that have been translated into 7 languages and sold 200,000 copies.

The exciting news is he said he would consider writing a forward for my book. I am emailing him my manuscript and we will see…. Wish me luck!

I hope Dr. Jay keeps writing. He also told me to put my book up on http://www.lulu.com He said he has a few up there. It’s good for feedback and people can buy it easier than sometimes a bookstore (and for those of us without a book in print…well that is of course an attractive and practical option!)

Hope you’re getting ready for the holidays, enjoying the season and not going crazy yourselves!

Toodles ! : ) Wendy

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