NEW Red Bank Writers Club

Howdy everyone!!!

Well…I’m so happy to announce a new group I’ve just started called the:  Red Bank Writers Club.
We’re on the website of and I started it from the inspiration of the Write to Impact the World’s group starter.  A guy named Brian that tutors my roommate.
Anyways…hopefully you’ll check us out on line.  Maybe you’ll even come to a meeting sometime.  Our first one is 2/22 but we’re already full.  SO maybe you can catch us next time.  I’ll try to get a bigger place lined up for the next time so everyone who wants to, can come.
We’ll be meeting around the Red Bank area and focusing on our goals.  Of course it will be social but the primary goal is for us writers to start achieving (and of course that means defining) our goals.  What do we want to write and how do we get there?  What do we need to accomplish that goal?  We’ll need the energy of each other for starters and that’s why I created this group.
To Inspire.
Catch you next time!
: ) wendy