Lots O’ Stuff

Okay well sorry it’s been awhile…. (is anyone reading this anyway??)

Here’s what’s been going on. The Red Bank Writers’ Group has kept me relatively busy. Planning the meetings has been a bunch of emails, a little time and exciting most of all! We had a great guest speaker last week, the fabulous Heather Lennon of Locust Point Publishing. She was informative and fun and everyone enjoyed hearing her speak!

Next is my article. I was looking to get published to begin building my resume. At first, I pitched an entertainment article to the Asbury Park Press. After I met the very energetic and motivational Miller twins (directors/writers/actors of the film Touching Home and authors of the book Either You’re In Or You’re In The Way), I was INSPIRED. And so I pitched my first article. It was a cart before the horse kind of thing, I hadn’t written it yet. I had no Q & As done w/ the twins. The producer had not answered my email (*didn’t think I was really doing the article…frankly neither did I!!) Anyways, I wrote it sans Q& A and it didn’t go over as written. Was going to resubmit to the Entertainment Editor Kathy but couldn’t get Jeromy the producer back in time. Bummer, opportunity lost.

As the universe would have it, I was meant to do an article on bipolar disorder. It is my fate or at least my order of the moment I suppose. Pitching the Asbury Park Press was my beginning though and I ended up doing an article entitled, “My Bipolar Journey” for the Two RiverTimes. It went over well and got on the front page of their Healthy Living section. I disliked my picture but I could’ve predicted that. 🙂

So about the book…. isn’t that what this blog is really supposed to be about? Well the article w/ my book mention came out before I knew it would. It said my book was avx on http://www.lulu.com and well…it wasn’t yet. Because Wendy hadn’t uploaded and formatted it yet! Yikes. So I rushed home and sat down and did it. Hopefully the people who wanted to get it did. There was a day when the paper was out that it wasn’t on line though. Lesson learned: find out in advance WHEN the publication will be out AND make sure you don’t announce a book when it’s not available yet. Oh I’m learning slowly. Never said I had it all together! ha ha.

Well seems as if Dr. Jay Carter isn’t responding so I suppose he isn’t going to endorse me. Okay I can deal with that. Such is life. I’ll persue someone else. Hmmm….. but who? Hard to get an endorsement from someone really top shelf.

Working on getting the book properly formatted. Found some typos while reviewing again on lulu. Oh this is endless I tell you. Why oh why have I decided to embark on this tortourous adventure I ask myself?

That’s easy. I’m clearly a masochist with no desire for a real income and time to kill while I pretend to be a busy real estate agent. As my boyfriend (or EX boyfriend I should say… !!) says anyone can fill up 8 hours a day. I suppose it takes a real man to work 8 hours a day and I am well….just a not so real woman trying to be a writer. So I don’t clock in. But you better believe I average the same amount of hours. I just don’t punch in anywhere. Maybe I should and I wouldnt’ feel such a silly persuit of my dreams.

Maybe I shouldn’t be aspiring to publish. Rather just to help other bipolars. But exactly how do I help a lot of bipolars if I can’t get my book out. Maybe my book won’t help bipolars per se. Maybe then, I should speak. Hmmm….. how do I hit the road and speak if I’m so broke I can just about pay my bills.

Just a thought. Stay tuned.