"We will make no wine before it’s time!"

Was it Gallo Wines that ran that ad?  Well whomever it was did a good job with their advertising because decades later it has come back to me as the perfect phrase!  It fits to a tee how I feel about the editing and publishing process.  Just when I think I might be done with my book, alas, I read through the manuscript and find I am, in fact. not.  And that phrase comes back to haunt me because I know it’s the truth. 

I am beginning, however, to feel like a pregnant woman who is 4 weeks overdue.  I mean, I know it should be time.  I do.  However I revert back to the wine ad and I know in my heart it is not.  I want so badly to cut the cord of my first book, my memoir.  Ah, but I can’t.  Not yet.  Soon. And oh how I will rejoice on that day.