"We will make no wine before it’s time!"

Was it Gallo Wines that ran that ad?  Well whomever it was did a good job with their advertising because decades later it has come back to me as the perfect phrase!  It fits to a tee how I feel about the editing and publishing process.  Just when I think I might be done with my book, alas, I read through the manuscript and find I am, in fact. not.  And that phrase comes back to haunt me because I know it’s the truth. 

I am beginning, however, to feel like a pregnant woman who is 4 weeks overdue.  I mean, I know it should be time.  I do.  However I revert back to the wine ad and I know in my heart it is not.  I want so badly to cut the cord of my first book, my memoir.  Ah, but I can’t.  Not yet.  Soon. And oh how I will rejoice on that day.

One thought on “"We will make no wine before it’s time!"

  1. Yes, it was Gallo, and it stuck because the TV ads were given gravitas by the great Orson Welles fronting the ads (yes, the man who wrote and directed CITIZEN KANE!)I was looking up the saying for another purpose and came across your post. Hope your book has gestated!

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