I’m ready to start my next book…but wait…gotta finish this one!

Okay…I’m ready to start DinerGirl.

Now I know what you may be thinking, but Wendy, you don’t have your first book finished.  Well, that may be true, it’s nearly done.  But, I have the itch to write DinerGirl (proposed title), my first novel.  I have begun the outline and am thinking about characters and plot.  When I get burned out on editing I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar, well…I shift to my next book.

Then the other night I started thinking about my third book.  My journey of the past year that I want to explore through a separate book.  What I have learned about myself professionally and personally.  It will have a much different slant than my memoir because it will go deeper and go into falling in love for the first time.  The other times, the relationships I thought could be love…..well….this one blows them away and makes me realize they were not.  Even at the time I sensed they weren’t the real deal.  But I had no idea why.  I understand why now.  And why not put those thoughts and feelings into another book?

So DinerGirl or the other book?  That’s really the question on my mind these days:  which will come first.

And I’m working on articles for mental health month May.  I recently did one on “Wellness” and submitted it to the local paper.  I also revised one called:  “Sleep:  The Other Half of Medication.”  It will be interesting to see which one gets published first.  And where.

Unfortunately I also have to start working somewhere.  Writers make money, but it comes in dribbles and drabs in the beginning. Until my book is on Amazon…well…..it’s back to being Diner girl for real. ha ha.

I am also pleased and honored to report I was recently elected to the Board of the Mental Health Association (MHA) of Monmouth County.  It’s exciting, they are a wonderful organization.  I feel strongly that they make a difference and have already impressed me with what a well run non-profit they are.  I can’t wait to make a difference.  Induction is next month, appropriately their annual dinner is in May, in honor of mental health month.   Exciting, exciting, exciting!!!

Okay, back to the book.  I have to, have to, turn this book in.  Good thing I wasn’t under a deadline and it was just a self-publishing venture.  Then it’s on to the next!