Wow it’s been so long!

Forgive me….

Guess I should forgive myself for being a bad blogger.  You see I was frustrated about blogging.  I had little time, little patience and although I love to write and the actual act of blogging.  I kind of felt silly writing to no one and thinking no one was reading it anyway.

But here’s for my sanity:  to write.  And what I always preach to my writers in my writers group:  keep writing.  So here I go with my updates.

  1. I finally published my book on  I know I know you were hoping for something more?  I have been working on and talking about this book for years now.  So perhaps you thought there’d be something else?
  2. There is.  I have also published 2 more articles.  Yay for the unpaid writer who is making a little teeny tiny name for herself in our local paper here.
  3. I hired a publicist.  Yes, I finally cracked the wedding fund.  Ever the practical girl (or at least I’d like to think I am), I got Mom to concede.  And there goes the CD…
  4. I now have 30 radio interviews lined up for May and more on the way for June.  Thanks to the very talented Donna.  
  5. I have been on the board of the MHA of Monmouth County for a year now.  I haven’t been much of a contributor thus far (money or energy) but my days will come when I can do both.  Right now I am attending meetings and figuring out where I can make a difference.  For now, though, I am not able to give them what I want.
  6. I got a cat.  (Why include this in the list?  Why not…. it’s an update right?)
  7. The Red Bank Writers Group is still going for 2 years now.  This past year we’ve slowed down thanks to my being less present.  My attendance at all things social has slipped dramatically but am hoping to practice balance as a verb not wish on it like it’s a resort destination.
  8. I’m still living in the same apartment.  Oh yes, I’d love to move somewhere else.  But *sighs* writing is only lucrative for a small percentage of the population.  
  9. I’m still waitressing (see #8) although I am on hiatus during my radio tour.  My family thinks I have lost my mind.  NOT earn income?  Surely, I must be off the beam.  No, I am promoting.  (Non-writers do not understand this.)
  10. I am quitting smoking (yes, again.)  I did it for 3 years, I can do it again.  My lungs are begging me.
  11. I am still engaged.  No wedding plans yet.  We are waiting on the book stuff to die down.
  12. Have not started next book.  Hoping to do so in fall or winter.  Most likely winter when I cocoon myself in the cold Jersey winters here at the shore.

Okay that’s about it for now.  I will keep you up to date.  I promise cyber space. I do like to write to you.  I do.  I just forget about you.