Twitter, Times and all that

When Is the Best Time To Post on Twitter? – GalleyCat

I ran across this article on GalleyCat and got a twinge of guilt. First,I am the worst twitterer. I can’t get excited about my boring short ramblings. I guess I like a longer leash to let em rip. If I rant, I don’t want you to count my characters while doing so. Call it too much pressure to be clever AND succinct.

Now I post this article because I know I am supposed to do it. It’s hard to get motivated though. I’m not cool. I’m not a singer or a movie star. Those are the people who make the best twitterers. People whose lives are interesting. Or people whose lives are so boring but should be comedians because they crack us up every time we read them. Someone like me however, is quite the opposite. It’s not that I can’t be funny. I can. But chances are, you’ll never know it via twitter. well I’m just tweeting stuff about my book or writers group or an occasional random personal thing about myself thrown in for good measure. Maybe that’s it: it’s too contrived for me. Anytime there’s a limit, or a built-in censoring, I’m already doomed.

By the standards of this article, I fail miserably. Four tweets an hour? Are there really people who do that? I’m proud of myself if I tweet a few times a week. Clearly, I’m not tweeting enough. Or, according to these statistics, at the right times. My brain turns on at night. At oh, right about dinnertime precisely when I should be slowing down like the rest of the world. But no, that’s when I’m on and ready to blog, tweet, write and all things in between.

Maybe by my tweets being too short I’m forcing myself into blogg-hood, where I really let loose. The truth is I don’t have that many interesting, funny, short things to say in a day or week. Everyone is doing it, even the President. Personally, I don’t know what I can tell you that is very entertaining or personal and I never think I’ll have hundreds or thousands of followers. Isn’t that the goal? To get big numbers?

I’d be happy if I had more than my friends reading my blog. And, yeah okay maybe if I had more followers than who I’m following, that might be cool too.

Goals: I’ll tweet more, complain less and well, blog more than semi-annually. We can talk about the next book later this year, okay? I’ve got my head full of cyberspace for now.