air drums and tootsie rolls

I need a little break from writing DinerGirl. 

Sometimes I have my iPod on, sometimes it’s too much.  Usually I can listen and write.  Sometimes I’m listening to the news in the background because my partner has it on.  When they started to hash out the vp debates all over again, I decided:  iPod goes back on.  I watched, I have my opinions, I know who I’m voting for and I could care less what the news people think of this or that statement.

So iPod back on. Among my close to 1000 tracks, over 100 is a book.  So that leaves nearly 900 that are songs and I always have it set to shuffle.  Little surprises come and go.  Some sad, some fast.  I have to share with you this.

I’m chomping on tootsie rolls. (I’m working my way through the big bag of sugar…ie: halloween candy that no trick or treater will ever get to eat.) Tootsie pop after tootsie roll, starburst, etc.  I’m washing it all down with a giant glass of water.  Suddenly the cat comes over and plops herself down to the left of my keyboard.  Problem is she is on the caps lock.  So every letter is coming out in CAPS.  Sorry kitty, you’ve got to move over. But this table is big enough for the 2 of us I promise.  Rita is usuallly glued to me and Leo glued to Nora. Rita is the baby, the runt who was found in Spanish Harlem and a waitress I worked with had rescued them from a mission in manhattan.  Well, technically HER sister did and she brought 4 from the litter to NJ. 

Anyways i don’t know why i’m telling you all of this cat background.  rita sticks to me like glue.  and loves to sit on my laptop. or on my hands.  i had closed the blinds for better vision on my laptop and she was swatting her window-stuck toy through the blinds about to snap them (for the millionth replacement) when she wins. I lift them up.

Ten tootsie rolls later I’m listening in the background to HLNs cover story of Obesity in America.  And I decide to keep eating my bag of Halloween candy.

See I have 1 rule while writing.  I eat candy.  With no restriction.  I’m not talking giant chocolate bars, but high sugar, gooey, hard candy, whatever. I have always, even as a baby, sniffed out the sugar and pulled out drawers to get it.  They took away my Easter Candy upon a shitload of cavities at the dentist when I was maybe 8?  And I searched for that damned easter basked for at least a year.  Never found the damn thing.  They lied they didn’t keep it. They threw my poor basket out.

I would take my pennies and nickles (yes I’m that old) and go up the street to buy my Swedish Fish.  Occasionally my friends and I would all throw our money together and buy the whole damn thing. 

Let me tell you, someday, and that someday is coming, I have to start working out again soon.  Until then, I am eating my damn candy to finish DinerGirl.

I have to tell you though, the whole reason for taking a break from writing today is to tell you this.

The tv is on.  Nora is asleep on the couch.  The kitties are both behaving (ie: they are asleep!)

And I am rocking out.

Oh yeah, big time.

Like a song came on and I lost it.  Playing all kinds of air drums.  The whole 9.  No one is watching, not even a pet.  The only blind that isn’t drawn is one that no one can see in to the dining room.

And I suck at air drums.  But i play them anyway…. because the most awesome air drum song came on.  Do you know “Iris” by the band called:  Live?   OMG great fucking song.  I can curse, it’s my blog, why the fuck not. 

“We are Family” is on now.  Too funny, because we sang that song during sorority rush about a thousand freaking times over the years (plus at every single dance and formal we had.)  So in college it was a bit overplayed in the stereo of Wendy’s mind.  But today…..

DAMMIT:    we are family….
                           get up everybody and sing!!

Now, it’s Chris Brown (ugh) and Jordan Sparks : )  singing ” No Air”  a song that rocked me to the core the summer it came out.  It was the summer that I fell in love with a woman for the first time.  And we will be married in a few months.  Crazy shiz I know.  But let me tell you, it was like my universe clicked and AT LAST everything made sense.

I will write as I was in DinerGirl. Yes, it’s a book about me when I was a diner waitress. And at that time I thought I was straight. I was living that life. COnfused.  And so lost I didn’t even realize just how confused I was.  Tragic.  At least halfway through life I figured it out.  It’s about time I’m in love.  SOme people have it once in their life, some never, some several times.  

(well 3 years ago… but at 40 that took a while!)

okay that is my little summary.  more outta me the next time i need a break from DinerGirl.  You all rock. Thanks for reading and being you.

dinergirl  xxoo

hmm i kinda like it no caps…  

p.s. new on my iPod:   Amos Lee.  “Colors”   He’s genius and mellowing me out.