29 days to deadline, Mental Health Week and other babbles by me.

Hello from my desk to yours. Well to your lap or wherever you are reading from. I pity you, don’t you have anything better to do? Whenever I am reading blogs, it means I should be writing or editing. Though there are very worthwhile blogs, ones I enjoy reading, I learn from and highly respect, it always signals to me I am procrastinating. As I am right now. Oh the deadline. We will return to that in a minute.

I am reminded Mental Health Week is almost upon us. The milestones draw feelings and reflections. That, and today I read a past bipolar bandit’s blog post envoking a comment from me. I didn’t want to post another long post reply there, so I thought, hmm. Maybe here?  Did I tell you I’m not a big blogger?

Faced with a deadline in oh, exactly 29 days, the clock is louder than my heartbeat. We recently also changed the format so out the window goes our current idea. We are starting from scratch in that respect. The content is there, now the content is getting a bit slashed in favor of prettier packaging and lists. You know to make everything easier on the eye, etc.

SO here is what I was going to say. The topic of discussion was recent shootings, the Naval Yard in particular. I don’t like getting political but sometimes, dammit, you just can’t help it. I tend to watch Piers Morgan and let him and his staff do all the research and take on the big guns. I tune in and generally agree with his viewpoints on the politics of the day. I also tend to agree with democrats (you don’t say, I am one) but that can vary at times. I don’t like politicians because I assume they have personal motives, unless you can convince me they aren’t a conniving snake. Then if you know them, and can vouch for them, maybe I’ll change my mind. Otherwise, all those jackasses in Congress right about now are on my lowest current list. In fact they are for all Americans being they just got the worst poll, 10% approval, in history it is I believe. I know they are the least effective Congress in 100 years. That is despicable! They should be ashamed of their lack of bipartisanship ability to get things done down there. But that’s an entire book, a delicate balance of inside trades and favors and honesty and politics go together like ice cream and mustard. (Sorry for the visual, guess my imagery for not wanting the ice cream in the freezer just worked.)

By the way, I don’t know about you. But, if I were raising a child, I would be ashamed of what our government has become. It would be hard to be proud of our political system right about now. There has always been mud slinging but this is ridiculous. I have watched news shows, notably the most boring ones on Sundays, with my father ever since I can remember. They were never exciting, or joining hands and singing songs obviously, but they were civil. Do you remember those days? When on talk news shows they had some manners? Apparently, they are a thing of the past. I cannot believe what I see these days. These grown men are acting ten years old. I’m sure the rest of the world (if anyone is tuning in) is having quite a laugh at us.

Anyway the real reason for my silly little unimportant commentary is the following. I had begun to type it on a bipolar blogger’s page, one I admire actually. Then I thought no. Cut and paste, Wendy. For God’s sake, put something on your blog. I have gotten out of the habit of blogging. I love to do it, but who has the time anymore? I barely leave the apartment until this deadline is up. I have no social calendar, nada. It’s balls to the wall until Oct. 31st. I’m living the dream though baby. Yes sir, I am. There is no more torturous career than being a writer. But I cannot imagine doing anything else under the sun. And I’ve tried many, many jobs. This is where i fit. At my desk, typing to you. The few followers I do have. I am not a blogger. I do not have many followers. I blog to get it out. Whatever small lotto ball of information or feelings is bouncing around up there for me to rescue it.

Today, it is this. In response to the shootings and media and all. Here is what I cut and pasted. It is not exciting. Feel free to jump to your next blog at this exact moment. I will not for one second be upset. And, for that matter, I will not know!0)

My post on the other blog would’ve been this:

“I went to Va Tech, though I’m much older and wasn’t there at the time. The first two people killed were in my old dorm. I also used to live 5 mins away from the Aurora theater in southwest Denver. It feels too close.

The media aggravates our situation, there is no doubt. We cringe here too whenever there is a mass shooting because of the inevitable announcement we will hear. Followed of course by the idiotic off-the-cuff remarks by otherwise respected new anchors. The media loves a circus and it’s unfortunately at our expense. There is a huge opportunity for education, but it goes does not get utilized. The only, and I mean only, good thing (let me stress again ONLY) thing that is positive at all is now they are at least acknowledging more money needs to be spent on us and research. However, we are put together with the gun control talks.

Do they put us in a registry? Less people will get treatment and it will penalize those who do get it. We get lumped with the gun issue and it’s a mess. Already alone our system is broken down. It is going to take more time, more advocacy, more research, more funding and unfortunately more lives lost before effective reform occurs. The other problem is reform takes, ultimately, bipartisan agreement before true change can slowly put our system back together.I don’t have high hopes we’ll see it anytime soon. Broken systems take time and cooperation from many. And currently we have the least productive congress we’ve had in nearly 100 years. The polls are showing the U.S. citizens rate a 10% satisfaction with Congress.

I wish mental health had nothing to do with our government, but that’s a huge part of where we get stuck.The media is the other huge component. If we could take them out of the equation,what advancements we could make.”

-Wendy K. Williamson


That’s all folks. Now, it’s back to work for me. Have a fine day. It’s all good. Smile. If you can, please go to NAMI and sign a few petitions to your local, entrusted servants called Senators and Representatives. Many thanks for doing soImage! 🙂