Our book is on it’s way… Two Bipolar Chicks Guide to Survival: Tips for Living with Bipolar Disorder

Hi all,

We are so excited for our 4/22 release. It’s coming down to the wire. We haven’t seen the cover yet or the publisher’s website for us so for now it’s our amateur effort on wix. (thank you, feel free to tell me how bad it is!) So we’re cruising along here, getting ready for the next phase:

PROMOTION.  The trick is how to maximize exposure on a very small budget. As with all aspiring, struggling authors, that is the trick and it’s no small feat.

Especially since we are closing on our first house next week. It’s exciting, but nerve wracking, this whole process.It’s funny, my whole life I wanted to be published and own a house and poof: the universe responds and says ‘here it is, all in 5 weeks.’   I am grateful, I am overwhelmed and trying to make sure I get extra sleep. It is manic season, you know.

Off I go to fill boxes up with crap that i deem important. Books I’ve read (why do we keep books we’ve already read…must get rid of). My desk is nearly packed but take away the printer and computer and screen at the last second. You can throw my desk out, I found it by the side of the road anyway….

More updates later. It can’t be worse than my poor record of past. Like I claim, I am a “consistently inconsistent” writer. If you’re thinking that is really inconsistent, you’re right.



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