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Birth of a New Brain


Enough of feeling obligated to you even though I don’t owe you anything

Enough of supporting you as much as I can, yet you never throw me a bone

Enough of worrying if others like me – that went out with the 70’s

Enough of comparing myself to Photoshopped fourteen-year-olds with professional makeup artists

Enough of comparing myself to others’ social media: likes, comments, pages, blogs & followers

Enough of trying endlessly to accomplish what our society deems respectable

Enough of bipolar depression kicking my ass

Enough of putting pressure on myself to be enough

Now I’m strong enough to say…


* The butterfly tank top Dyane is wearing was designed by Cristi Comes of
Motherhood Unadorned. 50% of proceeds from shirt sales benefit the
American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  For more information please


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It’s manic season!

It’s MANIC SEASON. Well, living in a 4 season climate it is at least more typical. So, I watch my sleep like a hawk and realize going to bed early is okay. Waking up later than usual is okay. It’s all good.

When it’s manic season I must get EXTRA sleep. It’s not the time to try for 8 hours. It’s the time to ensure 9 and not get mad if I’m sleeping 10 hours. That’s actually ideal when I’m feeling mania come on or if I’m hypomanic already. It could eventually mean the difference between hypomania versus a hospital stay. And I’ll take sleep over creaky hospital beds and bright lights at 8 a.m.  Not to mention hospital food….don’t get me started. And waking up to getting your vitals checked. That always sucked.

In the spirit of the season, I allowed myself no alarm this morning. I have worked very hard, gotten up very early, packing, working on our new book and release and general feeling stretched. I’ve noticed my mind responding by getting a little revved up. It’s saying to me “don’t go to bed, stay on the computer.”  Or, “stay glued to all electronics. We love them!”  In reality, they are not good for me during mania because they keep my mind racing. I heard one man, who is reputed to be very serene, go without any electronics on Sundays. AAAck. That almost makes me panic. Give up checking emails? Okay, maybe I could do that. I don’t get business/book related emails until Monday. Okay, I could actually do that. But tv? Hmmm that’s a hard one. Okay, I could pull out the kindle. Wait, no that would be an electronic. Well I could check out books from the library. I threw out half of mine during the move to pare down. But there is still the library. Maybe I could try this. I handwrite a lot so that is no problem. And I meditate. Maybe I could fill up a day after all?  I could get out there and actually walk. And who needs to talk on the cell phone 7 days a week? I actually dislike my cell phone most days. I just may have to try this.

I think during manic times of the spring and summer, this may be very helpful. I may take this on a dry run. It will feel odd, but whose brain couldn’t use a rest one day. Ack! I just realized this means no music on my iPod or itunes too. Okay, what if you’re driving in your car. How about music then? I might have to ask a my friend’s son in law what the rules are. He is Jewish, Orthodox. They do this and I’d like to know the rules. For example, I know cannot drive cars on the Sabbath or use cell phones. I used a cell phone but have been home bound today. What about music? It would be good to ask him more about this practice. It’s interesting to me. We can learn so much from each others’ cultures.

Time to relax, get off my computer and have some coffee. Half a cup, I don’t want too much caffeine.

So, what are your anti-mania tricks? What are your tricks to relax in general? Do you take it easy on the weekends? Have a favorite day of the week where you unwind?