keep your chin up!

Hey blog readers,

My mom and I were just talking about my manic ramblings with her keynote speaker, the grand Mary Higgins Clark, and my embarassment. I was excited and okay, a tad manic. It is the time of year for me. But anyways…

So it’s that time of year yes. But I digress.

My mom has just had surgery and they moved her from nyc hospital to nj rehab. She said she feels like she is a nursing home and it feels like a blow to the ego. That she feels old, etc. etc.  I told her that it’s okay. I feel that in my own life too. I’ve recently run in to a problem, well perceived problem that i can’t go in to. It’s not personal, it’s in the professional world and I could certainly relate. But before sharing my experience I tried to quell her worries.


Okay, then I did share my experience.

Whoa Wendy. What have I learned about life? About mental illness and not being dismissive? I’m not here to beat myself up, certainly not. But it was certainly a thought afterwards as I was tweeting the world, that I need to validate feelings and not dismiss them. It’s as true for myself, my partner and anyone I come across in the mentally ill community as my mom. Validation is key, then I can go on to pacify and allay.

Good insight to my life; to how to treat others; especially for a weekend when I’m off. And, so is my brain.

Have a great weekend everyone! Looking forward to taking the weekend off myself.



2 thoughts on “keep your chin up!

    • Thanks, Kitt. I am so very behind in blogging and think I didn’t reply yet. I truly appreciate your compliment and nomination. I appreciate your reading and following me too! Many thanks and hope you have a great day! : ) wendy

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