Audio Cutting Into Me

What an odd feeling…


So today I’m having a strange experience. We’re producing the audiobook of my first book, my memoir I’m Not Crazy Just Bipolar.  I’m having the worst flashbacks. I wish I could just approve it and not have to listen to it – which I suppose is an option – but the perfectionist in me says listen to the entire book.

And it’s rough.

Listening to your life is really odd. It’s far more powerful, in my opinion, than reading it; and having someone else speak it is kind of freaking me out.

I have always found audiobooks to be much more powerful than reading. Being an ADD kid, or ADD adult, audiobooks are more effective for me; I get through them easier. This is not to say I don’t read books, it is merely that hearing is “easier” on my brain than books. This is sad, I mean, I love literature, books, libraries. Sigh.

Back to the point here. I can’t wait until I’m done listening. I truly hope you like it if you buy the audiobook. I think it will be a good one.


Have a great weekend!  Peace. xo wendy

6 thoughts on “Audio Cutting Into Me

  1. OMG – it would totally freak me out to listen to someone else read my memoir. I’d have major flashbacks too. Go easy on yourself, friend! I’m proud and impressed with your making this happen!. Your story will reach even more people now and that’s something to be damn proud of! (p.s. I tweeted and facebooked this link to get the word out, as always!) XOXOXOXOXO Dy

  2. Thx Dyane.
    I truly appreciate your kind words… yeah it was a rough day of listening. I wish I didn’t half to but it’s a rough couple of chapters. If I didn’t though, the audiobook wouldn’t be as good. Deadline is looming for the narrator; it is October 17th. The good news is it will be over soon. The bad news is that there is more to come and it is coming fast. Perhaps there is more good news: It will jog my memory for when I speak in two weeks. After all, part of what I say will be my story and this certainly will freshen it up.
    Okay, off to work on publishing book.

  3. I so get this, and also that the book is from years ago, and about your past so reading (by listening) to it now would bring you back to those places/states a bit, makes sense. I am going to read your book = I’m Not Crazy…” now that I know about it. I just finished mine and wanted to ask for you to maybe look it over if possible but regardless glad to stop by and say a hello, and learn about who you are and what you do, which seems to be much in support of those who live with bipolar illness. I was diagnosed at age 19, now 48 and wanted to finish my book years ago, but couldn’t. Finally got to a place where I could, and happy with the result: “You Haven’t a Clue: What Living With Bipolar Illness is Really Like” – getting book cover done (LOVE both of yours, especially the new ‘chick’ one!) and up on Amazon soon.

    If you do want to connect, I’m on Facebook at and my email is:

    best, and good luck with the audiobook, Molly

    • Thanks, Molly. Good luck with your book. I’ll follow you on Facebook next time I”m on. Send me your manuscript as an attachment through email or mail better yet, please it to me. Either way, email me for addy. I have a couple requests, so it will take awhile for me to read it! I am a slooooow reader (damn ADD) in addition to the book I’m writing now. I have bout 10-15 mins/day to read at night. Although you’re #3 in the queue of other bipolar books – and I can’t guarantee how long it will take – email me. I’ll do the best I can to help you.

      Good luck! Keep at it!

  4. P.S. Only reason I did not know of your book (am blown away at the offerings now) is that I have been out of the country for years, and focusing on other work/life things. If I had been in the U.S., sure would have known about it 🙂

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