Still, soft voices…

I normally don’t re-blog but this hit home. Haunting, brilliant and I can relate a little too much. Thank you David Stone @InkedDadBPD and thank you, my angels.


The engine shuts off. You look in the mirror to see your faint reflection looking back at you through the soft glow of light rising up from the dashboard. You see those eyes. Dark. Empty. Emotionless.

You sit. You stare. A still, soft voice rises up from your heart. It enters your mind begging you to just start your truck and go home. you stop for a moment to acknowledge it. It brings with it photos in the form of memories trying to sway your decision and alter your outcome. It pleads, it begs. But it gets ushered out of your mind by the demons, leaving broken and rejected in the form of a tear.

The faint lights go dark. The music goes quiet. You, for the first time absorb in just how dark it really is. No moon. No stars. Complete silence. Your thoughts can speak clearly now… clearer…

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3 thoughts on “Still, soft voices…

  1. Hi Wendy. Today is the first of May, I think. We’re binge watching “The Americans.”

    On your FB page for the book I saw something that confused me. ’31 day competition or contest regarding either the ‘I had too much to dream last night’ blog’ or a different blog every day. I favorite him though. as for contest, . I’m confused and it has more to do with suicide and will feature various blogs? I’ll check and see. U two gonna write a sequel? Any book signing in Fl?

    That blog was awesome and mirrored what I went through yesterday and the day before that. I’m bipolar 1 and borderline,. Dad is bipolar 2 gamblholic/drinker/ Definitely Borderline. Smarter siblings ran for corners and bedrooms upon his arrival in the home. I had a go round with him that left suicidal dep for two days. I will avoid him for at least a month, because what he did, metaphorically, was take my ‘book’ and kick it across the soccerfield. I’m waiting for DBT screening in May.

    Uhem. I put a link of my article about funding and history of the drop-in center on your page, yet I don’t know if it’s ok to do that. I’m In many cities, free mental health services exist. I have a state-by-state NAMI list of all the consumer-run Peer Drop In Centers where free mentoring is available and WRAP planning and one on one weekly attention with a Peer. …Would be ok if I quietly left that link drop here on your blog instead of your stie so you can do what you want with it? bipolarbrainaic aka Allison Strong enjoyed your past blogs.

    • I think that your diner girl might be similar to what I’m doing. I’d be interested in finding out whre it goes and if it straddles YA. Mine seems to. And it’s a trilogy. Do love that title. Diner Girl. Allison

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