Think Pink? Think GREEN!

Happy Mental Health Month!

(This is a repost from 2015….with love from 2017!)

First, check out NIMH’s study & sign up for bipolar disorder research. I’m going to!

Click HERE to see if qualify for NIMH/NIH research. One email, a 2-4 hr phone call & a blood test!

Happy Mental Health Month!

You might be looking at your computers or iWatches or calendars or phones and noticing the date. Yes, I realize Mental Health Month is almost over but I’ve been busy minding my health and working on my books. Isn’t everyone busy?

I mean no disrespect to our cancer friends, but I am sick and tired of pink. When will green matter? I search for it but find no green in any of our communities during May (or at all). Will any town ever line their streets with green? Pink is everywhere and mental illness has been around as long as cancer. Maybe in a few decades when we get sick of pink we’ll introduce it. Maybe one brave town will display green somewhere. By then I’ll probably be sucking on oxygen, have a pacemaker or be flying around town on one of those very cool looking scooters. (Or worse, be stuck in some home because I’ve lost all my marbles.) Hopefully, I will be just fine because I’ve taken good care of myself.

So why a whole month for the mentally ill while some causes only get a day or week? For one, we need it, or at least, I know I do. Two, we get shafted everywhere else; it’s about time the scales were tipped in our favor somewhere.

Can you imagine the day when green bras will hang in store fronts? Again, no disrespect to cancer, breast or otherwise. (I can feel the hate mail coming.) Can you picture green banners waving with ‘think green’? How about green bows and pens for sale to raise money for mental illness? How many do you think people would buy if the merchants would even accept them and put them out? How long would that take?

Forgive me, but you know I have to stand up in every article for my peeps. I have lost loved ones to cancer so I am not ‘anti-cancer’ don’t put me there. Surely though, we deserve the money for research and the same respect as any other illness. How long will that take? We have the whole month to get your attention though I often wonder if anyone outside the mental health community cares.

As I drive alongside the pink line in the road – yes they paint them here – I can’t imagine when we’ll have a green one. The only green in town is our lawn, finally, and others. (I live in New Jersey, not California.) Celebration, in addition to advocacy and anti-stigma, is to feel good about yourself. If we felt any of this from our community, I would feel better.

I want to paint the town green, the street, storefronts, my nails (though how long could I take it) and maybe spray paint some shrubs. Wait, they are already green. Okay, I’ll think of something. Maybe I’ll spray paint the caution tape we have around our new grass, though something tells me people will not make the correlation. They would simply pile it on to the other reasons why their new neighbors are odd.

We’re still new in the neighborhood and I don’t know how fast it has spread that there are two mentally ill girls on the block. (I told my neighbor I was a mental health writer and you should have seen his eyes. And I thought ‘health’ was a good spin!)

Maybe one May I’ll be doing running leaps up and down our street at our town’s announcement that we’re honoring Mental Health Month in some fashion. I’ll take a green sticker somewhere or an acknowledgment in the monthly newsletter; I’m easy. I’m not suggesting lighting the school tower in green – though one night would be cool. We could postpone that to December and make it blend in for the holidays. I’m not even demanding a green stripe downtown; although, a nice, lime green alongside the pink would look lovely. I’m willing to share. Besides, this is a preppy town and wouldn’t they look nice together? I’ll even settle for a sticker at town hall. We could squeeze it into a shamrock, put it up in March and take it down in June, kind of like a lingering St. Patrick’s Day spirit. Something, anything. Geez.

I love pink and am a cancer supporter so no tomatoes at your screen. (Why waste a good pc?) Uncle Rick, I miss you.

Look, we just need more green. Maybe you’d help me paint the other stripe green. XO

I hope your Mental Health Month has been and continues to a good one, mania, depression and hospital free.

And hey, check out my/our tips to combat mania, depression and maintain wellness in our Two Bipolar Chicks book!





Lyme Sucks

I don’t know if I’ve told you this before, but I have Lyme.

Oh, maybe I have and it slipped my mind, that would be typical. I may have written a past post announcing it (minus the trumpet) to “get it off my chest” or just let you know where I’m at. But, these days, it’s really bothering me.  Read on (or skip to the next, likely more exciting blog)!

And while we’re on the subject of blogs, please forgive my lack of being fancy. I chose my blog style years ago because it was the second one that came up (and the first one looked even more amateurish). I am not of the spend time embellishing or make my blog look pretty kind. do admire the enthusiasm of those who can.

Sorry guys, you’re stuck with boring blog-ery today!

And fonts, let’s chat about those shall we? I know I’m making mistakes (and not caring to correct them) so if you have poor eyesight, you might like my style. I am one to use the TITLE fonts for no other reason than they’re right there and easy.

Let’s skip to the real reason for today’s post.


I am back from NYC after a week, my loved one had surgery and is doing very well, thank you; however, I feel like a colony of bugs are crawling on my back. Everyday. I’ve finally unpacked and somehow finished laundry (for three), and each and every task leaves me tired. I need some killer concoction, like someone to develop an anti-lyme, energy infused, super cell power drink.  I know a lot of people who could use that!

Do you?

Well, if you don’t have lyme or know anyone who does, you are bored about three paragraphs ago. I’m sorry. I usually don’t write here but I don’t know what else to do! Four antibiotics haven’t worked. I should say the first one did and for one month I felt marvelous, like I hadn’t since my twenties or teens. I mean I walked two miles every morning before 8:00 a.m. which anyone who knows me is a feat to be awake, let alone dressed and walking! But…then….boom, it was followed by three that failed. Even the same one, two weeks afterwards.


I’ve taken some special bark (yes bark in capsule form) from South America. Noooot worrking. I’ve tried a lot of the recommended herbs and try to cook with them (HA, the key word: cooking) but so far, to no avail.  Next up, IV antibiotics and that is coming once my loved one has recovered from surgery.  We have another month or so for that. I am “Nurse Wendy” for now on duty 24/7. (Private nursing is costly, I’m hired at home for free!) Stress, ah, that is another blog. Isn’t illness stressful?

So I’m researching lyme, what can I do, going on-line to poke around and there it is. Incidentally, in case you’re wondering where I’m at, I am not early stage lyme unfortunately. (If “wish” and “lyme” had to be used in the same sentence, that would be it.) And while no doctor has said the words “Wendy, you have late stage, a.k.a. Chronic Lyme” I fit late stage lyme. If you have it and it affects your joints and memory and gives you Bell’s Palsy, you know what it is.  And it is a beast. The more I read about it, the more hopeless I feel.

Until today. Well, sort of, it was a bittersweet website I landed on. Nothing under the sun prepared me for what I read.

“Most of the long-term effects and conditions are neurological or nervous system related and are not able to be cured at this time.”



I suppose nothing prepares you for reading what you have has no cure. BUT, then I felt a glimmer of hope, a glimmer. While it doesn’t help anyone at this present moment, myself included, with symptoms, a cure, at this second. IT WILL! And maybe when we’ve earned enough money and they’ve developed the technology – because we know insurance won’t cover it – just maybe we can be candidates and reverse some of the damage it has done to our bodies.

Stem cells…hmm….far out. And they’re hopeful! Well this has lightened my gloom a bit and I hope yours. Did I mention my smile is symmetrical again? Oh, the Bell’s Palsy comes and goes. (My mom swears she can hardly notice. I think she is being nice, a mom you know, though it has been behaving lately.)

(Gosh, I’m gonna hate this post on my time-line. I’m one giant whiner today!)

SORRY y’all. (I only went to college in Virginia, but “y’all” can surface at the oddest times, like today. Oh, i know what it is. I’m missing a college roommate reunion in Richmond. Got it. You know it all comes from somewhere!)

Peace out & have a good day. Support your Lymey loved ones. If you have it, I feel ya peeps, I do.

And remember, there IS hope despite my dreary disposition. It may not feel like it, but this stem cell has me excited. It could be decades before it’s available to you and me, and affordable, but I’ll stand in line. Well, when I feel up to it. I might have to ask you for help.

Peace out!   #Limey